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The official rules book:


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ART. 1

The Competition is open to young opera singers born after 1st January 1983. All the winners of First Prize of the previous editions are allowed to participate only to the optional section “Riccardo Zandonai Prize” (see art. 6).

ART. 2

The registration fee is € 100,00 (One hundred Euros/00) excluding bank charges and is not refundable.
The registration procedure involves the completion of the online application form which candidates will find on the Internet website: in the section Competition R. Zandonai – Application form.
Candidates must necessarily enclose the following documents (they can be also sent by normal post):

  • Photocopy of Identity Card or other equivalent document (passport for foreign nationals);
  • Photocopy of Candidate’s Italian Codice Fiscale, if issued, or a photocopy of the tax number issued in one’s country of citizenship;
  • Receipt of a bank transfer of € 100,00 as entry fee to be carried out on the account n° 00000000000259 opened on the name of: Associazione Musica Riva, Palazzo San Francesco, Viale della Liberazione, 7 – 38066 Riva del Garda (TN) Italia at the bank named BANCA POPOLARE DEL TRENTINO, branch of Riva del Garda:
    IBAN IT34U0503435320000000000259 – BIC/SWIFT: BAPPIT21861;
  • A full-figure photograph;
  • Candidate’s consent to the handling of personal data as regulated by GDPR valid in the EU coutries from 25th May 2018 (to be downloaded on the application form);
  • Letter of undertaking to participate in the concert to be held during musicaRivafestival 2019 (to be downloaded on the application form).

The documents could be sent by e-mail to the web address or by normal post to Associazione Musica Riva, Palazzo San Francesco, Viale della Liberazione, 7 – 38066 Riva del Garda – TN – Italy. Citizens of Non-EU countries must present to the organisational secretariat the necessary documentation of entitlement to enter the Territory of the Republic of Italy under the terms of the laws in force or risk exclusion from the Competition.
The deadline for submission of the applications is 23rd May 2019.
In the event the applications should arrive late or there are errors, inconsistencies, incompleteness or mismatches in the documents mentioned above and/or in the relative data, the candidate will be excluded.
The candidate will also be excluded in the following events:

  • If payment for the registration fee has not been paid IN FULL;
  • If they should not appear on 28/05/2019 – or on a different day notified in article 3 which follows;
  • Behaves offensively, in an undignified manner or however unsuitable to the context.

ART. 3

The Competition will take place from 28th May to 2nd June 2019, according to the programme specified in the following articles. The three rounds will be planned as follows:

  • elimination and semifinal rounds from 28th to 31st June at Conservatorio di musica “F.A. Bonporti” in Riva del Garda, Largo Marconi 5
  • final round on 1st June at Riccardo Zandonai Theatre in Rovereto, corso Bettini, 78 (the travel expenses from Riva del Garda to Rovereto and back will be covered by the organisation of the Competition).

All competitors must present at the competition secretary in the day and at the time communicated by organizational secretariat. The competition will start after the confirmation. During the elimination round (28th – 29th May) the public will not be admitted, while during the semifinal round (in Riva del Garda, 30th and 31st May) and final round (in Rovereto, 1st June) it will be admitted. The Competition organisers will provide accompanying pianists for the performances of the competitors. Competitors who prefer to make use of a different pianist are free to do so at their own expense and always by prior request to be made to the Association’s secretarial service.

ART. 4

No travel or accommodation expenses will be reimbursed to competitors by the organisation.
Bed and breakfast accommodation at the Casa della Gioventù (Youth Hostel) in Riva del Garda is provided, for a limited number of places, to those participants who require it, upon written request and receipt of the entry fee and till the successive day to that in which they had to be eliminated or to withdraw themselves. The places will be assigned following the entry order of the applications and payments.

ART. 5

The Jury, appointed by the Artistic Director of the Competition, will have the faculty to assign one or more prizes ex aequo. In this case the prizes shall be divided into equal parts. The Jury will announce the winners at the end of the Competition rounds. The decision of the Jury is final and no appeal is admitted.

ART. 6

A special Prize of € 3.000,00 shall be awarded for the best performance of opera arias and/or chamber songs composed by Riccardo Zandonai. Participation in this section of the Competition is optional.

ART. 7

Competitors shall submit 4 pieces from the operatic repertoire, in the original language.
The competitors who are interested in the optional section Prize “Riccardo Zandonai” must submit two opera arias and/or chamber songs by Riccardo Zandonai.

The Competition shall consist of three rounds:

Round One – Elimination

Competitors shall perform :

  • One or Two pieces (on the choice of the jury) of their own choice, from among those submitted.
  • A piece by Riccardo Zandonai (for those who enter this part of the Competition), see art. 6.

Competitors who reach the required standard will be admitted to the second round, the Semifinal, along with the winners of First Prize at other International Opera Singing Competitions in 2018 and 2019 (upon presentation of documentation).

 Round Two – Semifinal 

Competitors shall perform:

  • One or Two (on the choice of the jury) remaining pieces not used in round one;
  • the second piece by Riccardo Zandonai (for those who enter this part of the Competition), see art. 6.

Competitors admitted directly to the Semifinal shall perform:

  • One or Two pieces (on the choice of the jury) from those submitted;
  • a piece by Riccardo Zandonai (for those who enter this part of the Competition), see art. 6.

In rounds one and two, the Jury may decide to listen to the above programme fully or in part and may interrupt the performance at its discretion. Competitors who reach the required standard will be admitted to the third and Final round.

Round Three – Final

Competitors shall perform one or more pieces, chosen by the Jury from among those submitted, including those by Riccardo Zandonai (for those who enter this part of the Competition), see art. 6.

ART. 8

At the discretion of the Artistic Director, one or more “musicaRivafestival” Special Prizes may be awarded to the candidates who reach the final stage of the competition, consisting of participation in a concert within musicaRivafestival 2019 (Riva del Garda (TN), Italy, from 20th July to 3rd August). In the event in which the recipients of the special “musicaRivafestival” Award prove to be winners of other awards of the competition, the awards will be considered as a single award or however inextricably assigned, which is the reason for which the acceptance of one signifies the acceptance also of the other with any inherent burden. The eventual non-participation in the above mentioned concert will result in the forfeiture of the winner of any Award assigned to them. For the purposes of participation in the concert, accommodation and travel expenses will be met by the organisers. Travel expenses are just the ones referring to a return ticket by a second class train within the Italian territory. “musicaRivafestival” Special Prize winners will also receive a fee for participation in the above concert of 500,00 Euros (five hundred/00) gross before taxes. If for any reason the winner does not come either to rehearsals or the performance of the concert as communicated by the secretariat of Associazione Musica Riva, the “musicaRivafestival” special prize and any other prizes awarded during the
“Riccardo Zandonai” Competition will be withdrawn.

ART. 9

The prizes will be awarded during the opera concert which will be held on the evening of 2nd June 2019; prize winners are required to be present at the concert in order to receive their prizes, on penalty of the withdrawal of the prize. Prize money will be fully paid to the winners by bank transfer, carried out no later than 15th August. On request of the winners who have been assigned the special “musicaRivafestival” Award, the prizes may be paid fully or partly at the discretion of the Artistic Director, even before the aforesaid date, but in any event, not before 30 days after the prize giving. The 5 Special Prizes relating to participation in the opera singing masterclasses at musicaRivafestival 2019 are bound to the winners’ participation in the above event, therefore the Special Prizes will be paid with a binding letter of commitment which the winners will receive at the Zandonai Competition and which they will be obliged to present to the organising secretariat of musicaRivafestival according to the regular terms of registration for the festival. Failure to present may result in the invalidation of the prize. The organising secretariat will make payment to the winners of the sum of the Prize less the registration and participation fees for the course.

ART. 10

The participants will renounce to every right to use and exploit any radio and/or television recordings of their performances and broadcast or reproduce their performed pieces and authorize the organization to carry out videos, audio recordings, photos of any moment of the competition and use and exploit them at their own discretion without having any expectation.

ART. 11

The entry application by the competitors implies the acceptance of all the rules set forth in this official rule book. In the case of dispute, the Italian version of the official rules shall prevail.

ART. 12

All candidates for the Riccardo Zandonai Competition will be covered by an accident insurance policy stipulated with a recognized insurance company.

ART. 13

Participants authorise the Musica Riva Association to process their personal data in order to handle their registration for the Zandonai Competition, and for all necessary administrative and promotional activities which the Association intends to undertake. Under the terms of GDPR of the Eu conuntries valid from 25th May 2018, participants may at any time have access to their personal data and request modification and/or cancellation.

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