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Carlo Crivelli


SUBJECT OF THE COURSE: musical composition on a short film provided by Religion Today Film Festival
COURSE DURATION: 24.07 – 31.07.2021
AUDITION: 24.07.2021 at 10 am


orn in Rome in 1953, he graduated in 1983 from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Composition.

In the last 7 years he has taught the two-year course of “Musical Composition applied to Images” and other courses at the Conservatory “Alfredo Casella” in L’Aquila.

Composer, trained at the School of Maestro Domenico Guaccero, he has concentrated his activity in the field of traditional concert composition and in that of applied music.

He has composed for the most varied orchestral formations and his compositions such as “Iride”, “Il Drago”, “La pazzia di Lear”, have been performed in important American theatres such as the S. Guggenheim in New York and the C. Colombo in Buenos Aires.

His works of Contemporary Art Music have been performed not only in Italy, the United States and Argentina, but also in France, Germany, Spain, Russia, England, Canada, Greece, Bulgaria, Norway, Turkey, Finland, Cuba, China and Australia.

Among his most important compositions are the “Sinfonie specchianti”, works performed simultaneously in four European cities (no. 2 in 1995 and no. 3 in 1998) by four orchestral groups, using a technological synchronism that was cutting-edge at the time.

He has been nominated three times for the CIAK d’oro, twice for the Grolla d’oro, twice for the Globo d’oro and three times for the David di Donatello Award.

He won the “Carlo Savina Award” for excellence in music awarded by the Spello Film Festival and the Umbrian Borghi.     He won the “Globo d’oro della Stampa Estera” for best soundtrack for the film Sangue del mio sangue.         He received the “Charlot” Award for Lifetime Achievement, Salerno Festival. He received the “Soundtrack Award” for lifetime achievement (RdC Awards 2013, historical awards of the “Rivista del Cinematografo”) at the Tertio Millennio Film Fest.

He received the “Ennio Morricone” Award at the 2013 Bari International Film Festival for the best soundtrack for the film Bella addormentata.   He received the “Roma Videoclip – cinema meets music” Award.   He received the “Goffredo Petrassi” Award from Maestro Ennio Morricone by the Associazione Culturale Goffredo Petrassi, in the event held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

He received the “Prix France Musique – SACEM de la musique de film” for the best soundtrack for the film Vincere.     He won the “Cicognini Prize” for best soundtrack 2007 for the film Il 7 e l’8.

He was awarded the “Nino Rota Prize” at the Salerno Festival.

Some Works for Cinema:

“Il Primo Natale”,                                “L’ora legale”,

“Andiamo a quel paese”,                   “il 7 e l’8”.                                       by Ficarra & Picone

“Petite inconnue”,                               “Tom le cancre”,   

“La blonde aux seins nus”,                 “Ginostra”,    

“Marie, baie des Anges’.                                                                             by Manuel Pradal

“Fai bei sogni”,      “Sangue del mio sangue”,      “Sleeping Beauty”,   

“Vincere”,    “The Nanny”,    “The Prince of Homburg”,     “The Butterfly’s Dream”,   

“The Vision of the Sabbath”,   “Diavolo in corpo”.                                 by Marco Bellocchio

“Io sono Tempesta” by Daniele Luchetti               “Little Red Flowers” by Zhang Yuan

“La Passione” by Carlo Mazzacurati;

“Un viaggio chiamato amore” & “Del perduto amore”     by Michele Placido

Silent Cinema

In 2017, on commission from the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, he composed the music for Jacques Feyder’s “Visages d’Enfants”, (1923).

1998, the “Sinfonia Specchiante n.3 – la Passion de Jeanne D’Arc”, commissioned by the Rimini Film Festival for string orchestra and solo violin, arose from the relationship with C.T. Dreyer’s opera.

Some works for Television

“Il senso della bellezza” (docufilm for Swiss television) by Valerio Jalongo;

“Altri tempi” (2 films for RAI) by Marco Turco;

“Il sogno del maratoneta” (2 films for RAI) by Leone Pompucci;

“Storia di Laura” by Andrea Porporati;

“Era mio fratello” (2 films for RAI) by Claudio Bonivento;

“Ad occhi chiusi” by Alberto Sironi (RTI, from the novel by Gianrico Carofiglio);

“Testimone inconsapevole” by Alberto Sironi (RTI, from the novel by Gianrico Carofiglio);

“Virginia la monaca di Monza” (2 films for RAI) by Alberto Sironi;

“La vita di Salvo D’Acquisto” (2 films for RAI) by Alberto Sironi;

“Torniamo a casa” (2 films for RAI) by Valerio Jalongo;

“L’uomo dal fiore in bocca” (RAI) by Marco Bellocchio

“Un bambino in fuga I e II” (6 films for RAI) by Mario Caiano;

Works for the Theatre

Season 2013/14, for Goldenart Production he wrote the music for “Uncle Vanya” by Anton Chekhov with Michele Placido, Sergio Rubini and Anna Della Rosa directed by Marco Bellocchio;

2000, for the Teatro di Roma he wrote the music for “Macbeth” with Michele Placido directed by Marco Bellocchio;

1983/84 season, “La Dama di Chez Maxim’s” by Feydeau for the Pambieri-Tanzi company, directed by Tonino Pulci;

1982/83 season, “Non c’ha fatto effetto affatto” (with Massimo Lopez) by Tonino Pulci;

Season 1981/82, “Danza Macabra” by August Strinberg with Lilla Brignone, Ivo Garrani and Gianni Agus, directed by Giancarlo Sepe.

Ethnomusicology works for the University

As far as his ethnomusicological activity is concerned, reference should be made to the publications of the transcriptions of the records on the Calabrian-Albanian bagpipes and on the Tuscan songs of the then glorious Fonit-Cetra and to the collaboration from 1974 to 1982 with the faculty of Ethnomusicology-Popular Traditions of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, in the person of Prof. Diego Carpitella, resulting in the conference on the music of the storytellers of the Sou Zhou province (China) held at the Venice Biennale (1982).



Admission test Candidates must send by email info@musicarivafestival.com  by July 5, 2021:

1-  curriculum vitae
2- one or more compositions of applied music or free compositions, in audio / video format
3- the relative scores (optional)


Active Participants: based on the result of the admissions; will receive confirmation by July 12, 2021.
Listeners: no limit


Enrich the technical and artistic skills in the field of music applied to images (cinema, television, web, etc.).
Provide students with a professional level experience also with regard to the concrete realization of a short soundtrack.

Final work

Compose the soundtrack of a short video provided by Religion Today Film Festival.

The orchestration of the soundtrack to be produced by each student will be carried out using virtual instruments, under the direction and active supervision of the teacher Carlo Crivelli.Crivelli. It is recommended the use of the programme “Note Performer” (this is not compulsory)

At the end of the 2 phases of the masterclass, each student will be given the professionally done work.


Public event • September 2021

Final meeting with the teachers on site. The students’ works will be presented during the inauguration of ReligionToday Film Festival in Trento with replica in Bozen.

Participation certificates are issued

The use of your own laptop is required.