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The official rules book:


ART. 1

The twenty-sixth annual Riccardo Zandonai International Competition for Young Opera Singers is organised by the Musica Riva Association (, which carries out the management and organisational secretariat operations. Young opera singers of any nationality, born after 1st January 1984, are eligible to enter the competition. Winners of the first prize from previous years may only enter for the Riccardo Zandonai Prize section, as set out in article 6.

ART. 2

The registration fee is 110,00 euros (one hundred and ten euros) excluding bank charges and is not refundable. The registration procedure involves completing the online application for admission, which candidates will find at under the Riccardo Zandonai Opera Competition section. The following documents must be submitted along with the application form:

  • Photocopy of identity card or equivalent identification document;
  • Photocopy of Italian tax code where applicable, or photocopy of tax number or other tax identification document from the country of residence;
  • Online payment of 110,00 euros by credit card at, or receipt for a bank transfer of euros 110 to a/c no. 000002406486 using the following bank details: IBAN IT58E0801635320000002406486 – BIC/SWIFT CCRTIT2T04A, sent to: Associazione Musica Riva, Palazzo San Francesco, Viale della Liberazione, 7 – 38066 Riva del Garda (TN) Italia, c/o CASSA RURALE ALTO GARDA credit institution, Riva del Garda branch, viale Damiano Chiesa,
  • Full-length photograph;
  • Declaration of consent to the processing of personal data (available to download from the website for completion in connection with the application process);
  • Letter confirming agreement to participate, if required, in a concert in connection with musicaRivafestival 2021 (available to download from the website for completion in connection with the application process), see article 8. The documents should be sent by email to or by registered post to Associazione Musica Riva, Palazzo San Francesco, Viale della Liberazione, 7 – 38066 Riva del Garda – TN – Italy. Entrants from non-EU countries must produce a valid entry permit for the Italian Republic to show the competition organisers. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the competition, in accordance with current regulations. If necessary, the Musica Riva Association will confirm with the relevant authorities whether the permit is appropriate.Applications must reach the organising secretariat by 12 July 2021.

Candidates will be excluded in the event of late or incomplete applications, and applications or attachments containing incorrect information or information that does not meet the requirements of the above-mentioned articles.

Candidate will also be excluded in the following circumstances:

  failure to pay the registration fee in full;
  failure to attend on 17 July 2021 or attendance on a day other than that notified to him/her, as in article 3 below;
– offensive, disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour before, during or after the competition.

ART. 3

The competition will take place from 17 to 24 July, in accordance with the procedure set out in the articles below. The competition rounds will be held at the FA Bonporti Music Conservatory at Largo Marconi 5, Riva del Garda.

Entrants must report to the competition secretariat on the day and at the time notified by the artistic secretariat. During all three rounds the public will not be admitted. The competition organisers will provide pianists to accompany entrants in their performances. Competitors who wish to use a different pianist may do so at their own expense, after submitting a request to the competition organisers and receiving express authorisation to do so.

ART. 4

The competition will not reimburse entrants for travel expenses. The cost of overnight accommodation and breakfast at the Riva del Garda Youth Hostel will be paid by the competition organisers, on request from entrants, up to and no later than 12pm on the day following the entrant’s elimination or withdrawal from the competition. For the winners of the competition, bed and breakfast accommodation at the Youth Hostel will be provided until 12pm on the day following the last day of the competition. Overnight accommodation will be assigned subject to availability, on a first-come first-served basis when the registration fee is paid.

ART. 5

The jury, as appointed by the competition’s artistic director, will have the power to award one or more prizes jointly. In this eventuality the prize money will be divided equally.  The jury will announce the winners after the rounds. The jury’s decision is final and irrevocable.

ART. 6 – Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded:

– First Prize 8,000 euros – awarded by the Comune di Riva del Garda [Municipality of Riva del Garda]

– Second Prize 5,000 euros

– Third Prize 3,000 euros – awarded by the Comune di Riva del Garda

– Riccardo Zandonai prize

A special prize of 3,000 euros will be awarded for the best interpretation of chamber music lyrics and/or pieces from the opera repertoire of Riccardo Zandonai. Participation in this part of the competition is optional.

– The musicaRivafestival Prize* of participation in a concert or opera at the musicaRivafestival 2021 (24 July – 1 August).

*The winners of these prizes must sign a formal commitment declaring irrevocably their availability to participate in the relevant concerts or operas.
– Four Comune di Riva del Garda and musicaRivafestival prizes of 1,250 euros each to attend the singing masterclass at musicaRivafestival 2021 (25 July -1 August).

Special prizes for paid participation in concerts or opera performances, in roles to be agreed:
– La Fenice Prize, Venice, Italy
– Cia Ópera Prize, São Paulo, Brazil

ART. 7

Entrants must select four pieces to perform from the opera repertoire, in the original language. Entrants wishing to participate in the optional Riccardo Zandonai Prize must also select two pieces from Riccardo Zandonai’s chamber and/or opera repertoire.

The competition will be organised in three rounds:

Round One – Elimination

Foer the elimination round, entrants must choose two pieces from the four selected on their application. Entrants will perform:

– one piece of their own choice from the two chosen. The jury may also ask them to perform their other chosen piece;

– one piece of their choice from the two Riccardo Zandonai pieces (for those taking part in this section), see article 6.

Round Two – Semifinal 

Entrants who pass the elimination round will be admitted to the semi-final round, along with first-prize winners from other international singing competitions in 2020 and 2021 (relevant documentation to be provided). Entrants must perform:

  – a piece of their choice from the two not selected for the elimination round. The jury may also ask them to perform the other of the two pieces.

  – the second Riccardo Zandonai piece (for those taking part in this section), see article 6

Entrants admitted directly to the semi-final must perform:

  – a piece of their choice from the ones indicated on their application. The jury may also ask them to perform a second piece from the ones indicated.

– one of their Riccardo Zandonai pieces (for those taking part in this section), see article 6

In the first and second rounds, the jury reserves the right to listen to the pieces in full or in part at its own discretion, which is incontestable.

Round Three – Final

Entrants will perform one or more of their pieces, chosen by the jury, including the pieces by Riccardo Zandonai for those taking part in this section, see article 6.

ART. 8

The artistic director may award the special musicaRivafestival prizes to entrants admitted to the final round at his/her own discretion, which is incontestable. The winners will be offered the opportunity to take part in a concert at musicaRivafestival 2021 (Riva del Garda (TN) 24 July – 1 August), as specified in article 2 of the announcement. Travel and accommodation costs incurred in respect of participation in the concerts will be paid by the organisers. Travel costs are restricted to a first class return ticket by train, with the departure and return points located within the Italian territory. An attendance fee of 1,000 (one thousand/00) euros will also be paid, gross of tax and legal charges. In the event that the winner does not attend on the day of the rehearsal or performance of the concert, as notified by the secretary of the musicaRivafestival Association, he/she will forfeit the MusicaRivafestival Special Prize and any other prizes awarded in the Riccardo Zandonai competition.

ART. 9

The awards ceremony will take place during the closing concert for the whole event, scheduled for the evening of 24 July 2021, at which the winners will be required to take part. Prizes will be forfeited for failure to attend. Cash prizes will be sent in full to the winners by bank transfer, no later than 3 October 2021.  The four Comune di Riva del Garda and musicaRivafestival prizes, consisting of scholarships for participation in singing improvement classes as part of musicaRivafestival 2021, are limited to the above-mentioned participation and will be presented as a binding letter of obligation which will be handed to the winner at the Zandonai Competition, and which he/she will be required to submit to the organising secretariat of MusicaRivafestival within the normal registration deadlines. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize.  The organising secretariat will pay the prize money to the winner after subtracting the amount required for registration and participation in the class.

ART. 10

Participants waive any right to the use of radio and/or television footage of their performances and the transmission or reproduction of their performed pieces, and authorise the organisation to make video, audio and photographic recordings at any time during the competition for use at the organisation’s discretion, with no entitlement to claim.

ART. 11

By submitting the application form, entrants accept all the regulations contained in this announcement. In the event of disputes, the Italian version of the regulations will prevail.

ART. 12

All participants in the Riccardo Zandonai competition will be covered by accident insurance taken out with a leading insurance company.

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