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International Competiotion  2023 Prizes


Mietta Sighele & Veriano Luchetti
Special Prize
€ 10.000

Il premio verrà assegnato ad insindacabile giudizio di Mietta Sighele


First Prize
€ 8.000



Second Prize
€ 5.000

Third Prize
€ 3.000 


Riccardo Zandonai
€ 5.000

for the best performance of opera arias or chamber pieces by Riccardo Zandonai


Audience Award
€ 2.000

offered by the Municipality of Rovereto

Comune of Riva del Garda and musicaRivafestival 4 Prizes
€ 1.250 each

for the participation in the singing masterclass and for accomodation expenses; the course, held by Mietta Sighele, will take place in Riva del Garda during mrf 23

Eung Kwang Lee 2 Prizes
€ 2.000 each

Icheon Cultural
Foundation – Korea

Icheon Arthall

mrf 23
Concert Prize

Prize for participation in a concert within musicaRivafestival 2023

Ópera Actual

La Fenice Prize

The winners will be invited for an audition with the superintendent and artistic director of Teatro La Fenice in Venice