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Privacy e Cookie Policy Semplificata

Information provided pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 20 June 2003 n. 196 – Code regarding the protection of personal data relating to data collected through the site

Read our privacy policy and cookie policy.

Privacy and data processing

By filling out a form to request information, you voluntarily provide some data (for example : name, email address, website url, ecc.).

We will use this data only and exclusively to reply to your emails, send you the newsletter, not supplying them to anyone..
f you want to know the content of the data you have provided, verify that they are correct, ask us to integrate, update, correct or delete them, pursuant to art. 7 of the Code regarding the protection of personal data, may contact the data controller, MUSICARIVAFESTIVAL, by sending an email to the address INFO@MUSICARIVAFESTIVAL.COM

The privacy and cookie policy is valid only and exclusively for the WWW.MUSICARIVAFESTIVAL.COM site If you click on a link pointing to another site, you should refer to the privacy and cookie policy of that other site.
What data does it provide me?
Below we will explain well what data it provides us, how we use them, and who should refer to learn more about the privacy policy.

Contact form

On the site’s Contact page there is a form. When you fill it out and send it, your message arrives in our inbox. The data that it provides us, when filling out the contact form are: its NAME, SURNAME, EMAIL.
We will use those data only and exclusively to answer them.

The messages that you send us are stored on our mail server that is hosted by Aruba, like the site, and on WEBMAIL.ARUBA.IT. For further information: ARUBA Privacy Policy and WEBMAIL.ARUBA.IT Privacy Policy.

What cookies does the site use?

HTTP cookies (more commonly called web cookies, or par excellence cookies)

[1] are a special type of magic cookies (a sort of identifying token). They are used by server-side web applications that store and retrieve long-term client-side information.

The servers send cookies in the HTTP response and the browsers are expected to save and send cookies to the server, whenever additional requests are made to the server.

This recognition makes it possible to implement authentication mechanisms, used for example for logins; to store useful data for the browsing session, such as preferences on the graphic or linguistic aspect of the site; to associate data stored by the server, for example the contents of an electronic store cart; to track the user’s navigation, for example for statistical or advertising purposes.

Given the implications for the privacy, the use of cookies is categorized and regulated in the legal systems of many countries, including those in Europe, including Italy. The security of an authentication cookie generally depends on the security of the site that emits it, from the user’s web browser, and depends on whether the cookie is encrypted or not. Security vulnerabilities can allow hackers to read cookie data, which could be used to gain access to user data, or to gain access (with user credentials) to the website to which the cookie belongs (see cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery for example). [2]

Cookies, and in particular third-party cookies, are commonly used to store user browsing searches; these sensitive data may be a potential threat to user privacy; precisely this led the European authorities [3] and the United States to regulate their use by a law in 2011 [4]. In fact, European legislation requires all member states’ websites to inform users that the site uses certain types of cookies.

The cookies used are essentially of three types: technical cookies third-party cookies profiling cookies

Technical cookies are used to allow you to browse the site and are not used for other purposes.

Here are the ones we use:

Cookies Facebook


Cookies instagram

Cookies Musicarivafestival

The data tracked by these plugins are not controlled in any way by us. To find out more: Facebook Privacy Policy, Youtube Privacy Policy, Instagram Privacy Policy.

Cookie di profilazione

On our site we use Google Analytics to know how many people read our posts and which pages they visit. The IP of those who visit the site, however, are anonymous. To learn more: Google Analytics Privacy. If you want to prevent Google Analytics from using your data, click here.

Manage cookies

It can block, check, check cookies as you wish. For example, you can delete cookies already on your computer and set almost any browser to block its installation.

Below are links to information and instructions on managing and deactivating cookies for the main Internet browsers:

To find out more go to the privacy guarantor’s website or about

How we protect your data?

The hosting of our site and our mailboxes is Aruba. To learn:Aruba Privacy Policy.
Our site is developed with WordPress. Even WordPress belongs to Automattic. For further information:Automattic Privacy Policy.

You want the privacy policy and the cookie policy

You can read the complete privacy policy and cookie policy.