Kim Dongho: one of the winners of Zandonai Competion answer to our questions: thank you Kim!

///Kim Dongho: one of the winners of Zandonai Competion answer to our questions: thank you Kim!

Kim Dongho: one of the winners of Zandonai Competion answer to our questions: thank you Kim!

We met Kim Dongho, talented korean opera singer.

All the best, Kim!

How do you feel after winning the competition?

There were many good singers and it is one of the biggest competition in Italy. So, It had been really a big honour to get the 1st prize, because honestly i have not expected to win. It was a great moment for me and still unbelievable.

Why did you choose to take part at the Zandonai competition? 

Since I began to study in Berlin, I have always wanted to participate in this competition. Because, this competition has been especially well known to korean singers. They have participated from long time ago, and there were many korean winners. I also wanted to try someday. Last September, I moved to Milan and I could finally get the opportunity.


Tell us a something about you, how was your passion for opera music born?

Before I met a music teacher at the high school, i had no dream. I only liked to play game and did not have any vision about my life. However, the teacher, who i respect the most, found my talent on the Korean pop competition at high school. And, he suggested me to be an opera singer.  I was so pleased that i finally found my dream and loved to study singing. From that moment,  i always wanted to be a good singer and had been very strict to myself.

How do you see your future?

Actually, I do not dream much about the future, but i do diligently what I have to do everyday. Then, i think that the great future would be followed. Through my life, i have experienced that the life has not gone like my plan. As a religious person, i believe that God leads me always in the best way.

 Which is your reference singer? Have you an inspirational muse?

My favorite singer is Ezio Pinza. The reason why i like him is that he sings very bright and very natural. But, he also has a very deep and rich resonance in it. So, his sound is incredible. In addition, he did wonders in every different roles and his success in every role marked his acme as  the best Bass in the world. He is the picture of my singing life.

Tell us one of your dreams! 

I praise God in every moment I sing. The reason I sing is to praise him and I want to give to God all glory whenever I sing. I hope to be a singer, who can represent the glory of God. Through my singing, I hope people would be consoled and be pleased. As much as becoming a good singer, it is very important for me to become a good father and good husband . I hope to maintain a balance as a singer and a member of a family.