We have met Nela, one of the winners of Riccardo Zandonai Competion 2017. Here’s the interview!

All the best, Nela!

How do you feel after winning the competition?

I feel very honoured after winning such a big and Important Competition. It means a lot to me to be recognized by the jury as a good singer which gives me Lots of motivation to go on the Way I am doing. It is even more surprising and incredible that not even a week later I won another Competition, this time in the UK, Stuart Burrows International Voice Award. I am speechless about all this at the same time.

Why did you choose to take part at the Zandonai competition? 

Well, for some time already I feel ready to do some bigger competitions, and I know about this Competition for couple of Years but I was never able to participate. This year I really made Lots of effort to come to Riva and I am glad I did.

Tell us a something about you, how was your passion for lyrical music born?

I was always very passionate about the music and everything what music brings. I am very emotional person, and classical music gives me the opportunity to show My emotions in every aspect and to transfer My own emotions to the audience. When I was 15 Years old, my solfeggio teacher told me I should try operatic singing, which was a shock back then, because I never thought I was able to do it. How Years were passing, I was working harder and harder, also my passion about opera became bigger and bigger. Now I am completely in love with opera and operatic singing, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.


How do you see your future?

I see myself on the stage. Stage is My home. A place where I always felt like myself. I hope I will get the opportunity to show what I can do on Many stages in the world and that My career will be successful.

Which is your reference singer? Have you an inspirational muse?

It is always hard to name only one person. I must say my biggest muse was always Dame Kiri te Kanawa, and I Listen to her recordings until I started learning singing. I could easily name some incredible sopranos I’ve been working with for the last few months, such as Nuccia Focile, Nelly Miricioiu, Susan Bullock and Della Jones. They inspire me in so Many ways, not just in musical way, but also as wonderful ladies who still have so incredible careers and achieved so much in their life.

Tell us one of your dreams!

My biggest dream is to be able to combine successful career, love, family and to be happy. The most Important thing is to have enormous support from Your loved ones. Without it, every success becomes less Important and big. Love, Faith, inner peace and happiness are the key to successful career. With all that as a base I would love to sing La Traviata in very Important theatres all over the world! That is a package I consider my biggest dream!